About this Substack

Hello, my name is (redacted), and I love small cap companies.

Yes, there are some fascinating things going on in the upper echelons of capital markets these days. FANG, SaaS companies, the Chinese tech cos - are all doing amazing things.

But personally, I am much more interested in trawling the globe for undiscovered innovators and entrepreneurs. I’ve been investing professionally for the last 15 years and my heart still skips a beat when I come across an amazing small cap company I didn’t know about.1

This substack is dedicated to these “Dark Horse Compounders.” Companies that you might look back in 5 years and go - “man, I wish I had known about them back then.”

I hope to write at least one post per quarter, introducing a company that I consider to be a Dark Horse Compounder. These posts will explain what the company does, what problem they are solving, how the company adds value to their customers, and how it differentiates itself.

In addition to this, I will provide:

  1. Updates on companies I’ve written about.

  2. Quick profiles on interesting or quirky companies.

  3. Case studies on blow ups and frauds.

This substack is and will remain free.


PS. Some general disclosures:

  • This substack is not about giving investment advice. The posts won’t have buy/sell recommendation. It will be purely focused on the businesses and the people running it.

  • At the same time, I will be writing about companies that I think are under-followed and misunderstood. As a general rule, assume that I am long most of the companies I write about.

  • I am a generalist, writing about market niches that I am an absolute novice in. Given this, there will be some errors. If you spot any, please let me know.


By the way, this has nothing to do with maximizing IRRs. Although I am sure I can generate good returns, given the time period we are living in, it might actually lead to better returns if you just owned the established winners and went fishing. But I hate fishing.